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We are recruiting!

TEDxCUHK is recruiting new members to the team! We are seeking the elites to participate in the organization of the TEDxCUHK 2019 annual meeting in 2019. They also have the chance to step up as co-organizers in future events.

This year, we have elevated the team formation to the next level. As a new recruit, you will be arranged into different teams according to your interest, potential and personal development.

Team Description

We are looking for prospective teammates who are energetic, proactive, committed, able, resilient and collaborative. We also require team members to attend regular meetings/workshops starting in November, as well as TEDxCUHK event (including relative pre- and post-event activities).

Past experience in event organization and coordination, specialty skills such as photography/videography and editing, graphic design, social media marketing, public relations, computer and information technologies, public speaking, etc, are advantageous but not a must. We also encourage international students to apply.

Application deadline is 17/10/2018 (Wednesday). Interviews will be arranged for shortlisted candidates in late October.

The application period is over. Thank you for your support.
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